Ordering Basics

What do I need to begin an order?

  1. If you have not worked with Sugoi Custom before then we will need you to provide your Custom Specialist a few details to open an account with us. If you have worked with Sugoi in the past, you’re all set and you can go to step 2.
  2. Tell us which styles you’re considering for your team and provide estimated quantities for each. This can always be amended but it will help your Custom Specialist build an accurate quote for your reference.
  3. Provide your artwork, or your art direction and logo(s), preferably in a vector format (speak to a Custom Specialist if you have questions about the art formats).
  4. Place a $100 Deposit (via Visa/MasterCard/Amex or wire transfer) to start your order.

How much does the clothing cost?

The prices for styles are available for download. Volume discounts are available, and many styles can be combined to reach even better price breaks. This allows your team to enjoy a wider variety of styles for different performance levels, weather conditions and uses, while still achieving your ideal price break. For more information, contact your Custom Specialist.

What is your minimum order policy?

There is no minimum requirement to place an order. The only exceptions are styles from our Elite Collection (6 piece minimum) and Sub Socks (24 pair minimum).

In addition, as long as there are no changes to the styles or to the art, re-orders can be placed anytime within 12 months of the shipment date of your original order, and you will receive the same volume price break as on your original order. This re-order pricing can be combined with a $10 fee to affordably create a new colour version of your existing design.

Can I combine styles?

Yes. Combining styles allows you to easily hit minimums or get better pricing based on total volume. For more information, please contact your Custom Specialist.

We can also include versions of the same artwork and style in additional colours for a nominal $10 fee per colour. This will allow you to offer fun options for special events, special edition kits, or differentiation between riders/levels in your club while maintaining your volume price breaks.

How will I know what sizes to order?

  1. Consult our Fit & Sizing Guide to determine your sizing. Please note that many of our styles feature different fit profiles based on their intended use, for more information please contact your Custom Specialist.
  2. Fit Kits are also available to ensure correct sizing. We can provide a full size run of each style your team is considering ($250 deposit required). Fit Kits are sent via ground service at no charge while return shipping is your responsibility. Expedited shipping service is available at an additional cost.
  3. Your team then has 7-10 calendar days (including one weekend) to confirm their sizing for each style before the Fit Kit needs to be returned. We recommend having a Fit Kit Event for your team.

Where can my team place their orders?

Once your styles and artwork are finalized, your Custom Specialist can set up a dedicated online Team Store at no charge. Your team members can use it to select their size, style and shipping options individually, and pay for their order online, which will save you from having to gather payment from every team member.

What if my team decides to add another style?

Not a problem. Once our in-house design team has completed your artwork, they can carry that design over to different styles.

Is Sugoi Custom available outside of the US and Canada?

Yes, Sugoi is sold around the world. Please contact your Custom Specialist for more information about orders to ship outside of Canada and the United States.

Creating Artwork

What type of art do you require?

Vector art (EPS or Illustrator files) is required for logos, text and flat graphics in order to ensure smooth edges in print. In the event that your team does not have access to vector artwork or if you need assistance, our in-house design team is ready to help with more intensive art services.

Standard photos, PSD, TIFF or JPEG files may also be used, but are subject to some restrictions. If you aren’t sure, just reach out to your Custom Specialist for advice.

Do you have templates I can use?

Yes, flat sketch templates of every style are available from your Custom Specialist. This will allow us to capture your vision closely but your artwork will still need to be adjusted by our in-house design team to manufacturing specifications. Using templates can help you get closer to your intended design from the beginning, saving time in the process. Please contact your Custom Specialist for template files.

What colours should I use to create my artwork?

Submit your artwork using Pantone® colour references, and we will match it to the closest available colours in our standard palette. We can also provide precise colour matching for an additional fee.

If you are unsure which Pantone colour would work best, we can provide a fabric swatch of our colour chart.

Will the colour on my custom gear match the proof I see on my computer/electronic device?

Not necessarily; the colours on a screen can differ from the finished product significantly. The best way to ensure that the finished fabric will match your vision is to rely on the Pantone colour system. Sublimated fabric samples are available at your request, which will show exactly how the colour will appear on your apparel.

Can I speak directly with my artist?

Yes, once we have completed your first proof, digitally rendered in 3D, your Custom Specialist can set up a Live Art Direct session with one of our experienced, in-house artists. During this session we will use a program that will allow the artist to share their screen with you in real time as you discuss your design. This is the most efficient way of applying changes to the design before production.

Do you charge art fees?

An initial 3D proof is included with your order, as are two revisions and a Live Art Direct session. Subsequent revisions are only $25 each. Charges may also apply for additional services such as logo tracing or deeper creative services. Please contact your Custom Specialist for more information.

Payment, Production and Delivery

How do you print your clothing?

The artwork is applied to the fabric through a specialized heat transfer process called sublimation. Fabric is saturated with inks, rather than simply being applied to the outside of the fabric which can be easily removed or damaged. The advantage of our process is that colours and graphics are extremely durable; they are resistant to fading, and images do not flake off or run when washed. Sublimation also poses few limitations to the type of artwork that can be applied to the fabric.

How long will it take to get my order?

The length of the entire process depends in part on how long it takes to complete your artwork. Be sure to let your Custom Specialist know if you have an event date you are gearing up for.

The process is broken into these stages

  1. Initial Design. Once we’ve received your choice of styles & quantities, any patterns/logos in vector format and some initial art direction our artists will come up with an initial design. This design proof will be provided within 1-4 days of receiving the necessary information.
  2. Sign-Off and Approval. After the initial proof is completed our Custom Team will work with you to make any art changes, confirm sizing/quantities/pricing and will work with you on the final sign-off and approval steps.
  3. Production. Once the order has been signed-off and payment is received, the order goes into production and will ship in approximately 5-6 weeks. Allow 5-7 days for shipping and your new kits will be arriving at your door.

How will my order be shipped?

We offer three shipping methods: Direct-Ship, Pre-Pack and Multi-Ship

  • Direct Ship – Free. All items are shipped to the one address, packaged together.
  • Pre-Pack – Free. Items are packaged for each team member, but shipped together to one address. This simplifies kit distribution for race day.
  • Multi Ship – $10 per address. Items are shipped separately to each team member.

What are your payment terms?

A $100 deposit is required to begin the design process. This is to reflect the amount of work that goes into creating your first proof. This deposit is credited against your order and the remaining balance gets paid before your order goes into production.

What if I need to change my order?

You can change order quantities prior to your order moving into production.

If you need additional quantities, there is no minimum for re-ordering as long as the artwork is the same. The only exceptions are styles from our Elite Collection (6 piece minimum) and Sub Socks (24 pair minimum).