Frequently Asked Questions

What are your timelines?

1 - Initial Proof. First Proof will be provided with 1 week of SUGOI receiving art direction and art files in Vector format (approximately 1 week).
2 - Sign-Off and Approval. Artwork revisions (2 free revisions), proof approval, quantities/sizing/price approval (approximately 1-2 weeks).
3 - Production. Order is produced (approximately 5 weeks)

What do you need to place an order?

1. Styles/Quantities (sizes)
2. Vector artwork
3. $250 Deposit (Visa/MasterCard or wire transfer)
Without any one of the three requirements an order cannot be placed into the system

How do I know what sizes to order?

1. Consult the SUGOI Fit Guide.
2. Fit kits are available ensure correct sizing. A $250 Deposit is required. Fit Kits will be sent via ground service at no charge. Expedited shipping service will incur additional cost paid by customer.
3. Fit Kits are requested to be returned within 7-10 calendar days (including 1 weekend.) .

What are your payment terms?

A $250 deposit is required at order entry and the balance at final sign-off. *terms available* OAC

Can you combine styles?

Yes. Combining styles allows customers to hit minimums or better pricing based on volume. For more information, please contact your SUGOI Custom Sales team representative.

How much does the clothing cost?

The prices for specific items are provided on our website and in the SUGOI Custom price list. Depending on the total units you order, you may qualify for a volume discount. For more information, contact your SUGOI Custom Sales team representative.

What if I need to change my quantities after I put in my order?

Changes in quantities can only be made if the order has not yet been moved into production. Modification of quantities is not available once the order has been moved to production.

What is your reorder minimum policy?

There are no minimums to re-orders. As long as there are no changes to the styles or to the art, re-orders can be placed within 12 months of when your original order shipped and you will receive the same volume price break as your original order.

What are your terms and disclaimers?

Product will be covered for manufacturing defects for one year from the proof of purchase date. Please be aware of the following claims that are not subject to warranty: Damage caused by general wear against abrasive surfaces, such as Velcro, bag strapping, or damage due to a saddle, burns, tears, and damages due to accident, improper care, miss-use or the natural breakdown of colors and materials over time.

Liability Disclaimer: Submission of graphics, logos or trademarks is considered full acknowledgement of usage rights granted. In case of doubt, Sugoi retains the right to reject these materials without recourse or further consideration. 

More about Terms and Disclaimers Here »

How do you print artwork onto fabric?

The artwork is applied to the fabric through a specialized heat transfer process called sublimation. First, ink is printed onto paper, then the ink converts to a gas when heated, and the gas penetrates the fibers of the fabric making it permanent.

What type of art do you require?

Vector art is required in your artwork for logos, text and flat graphics in order to ensure smooth edges in print. Art charges may apply depending upon the quality of your logos or graphics which are not provided in vector format.

Photos, referred to as raster images, may be used as long as they meet the following requirements: Minimum 150-300 resolution at actual size, CMYK, in TIFF, EPS or PSD formats. Color in a raster image is difficult to manipulate or correct, which may or may not provide desirable results in print. Raster images will be printed as submitted.

Do you have templates that I can use to help me place my artwork?

Yes, templates of each style in our custom line are available to place your artwork onto. Please contact your SUGOI Custom Sales team representative for template files.

What colors should I use to create my artwork?

Submit your artwork using Pantone® references which we will try to match to our existing colour chart.

Will the color on my SUGOI Custom garment match the proof on my computer monior?

No. A color displayed on a monitor is made up of light, whereas color printed on tangible materials are created by mixing ink. Sublimated fabric samples are available at your request, which will show exactly how the color will appear on your product.

Do you charge art fees?

We don’t charge you extra for the first proof or the first two revisions. However, charges will apply to any additional revisions. Charges may also apply for additional services such as tracing a logo. Please contact your Custom Sales team representative for more information.